Ethics and Integrity Principles for Migatos’s Vendor

Ethics and Integrity Principles for Migatos’s Vendors

At Migatos, we “do what’s right” by keeping ethics, integrity, and compliance at the forefront of our business operations and we expect our vendors, suppliers, and contractors to do the same. We value our business relationships because they are a key to our continued success and growth. Our Ethics and Integrity Principles (the “Principles”) outline the behaviors and best practices our vendors, suppliers, and contractors (“Vendors”) must follow when conducting business on behalf of and with Migatos.


Vendors must conduct business in compliance with all applicable national and local laws and regulations. Vendors must actively assess and monitor their daily business operations to ensure compliance with applicable laws and these Principles. Vendors commit to advising applicable employees of the requirements of these Principles.


Migatos competes fairly and complies with all applicable anti-bribery, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, sanctions, antitrust, and similar laws and expects its Vendors to do the same. Vendors will comply with applicable U.S. Customs import laws and security processes. Vendors must not offer, pay, solicit, or accept bribes, kickbacks, illegal political contributions, or other improper payments to Migatos or any of its employees, agents or consultants, any government official, or other third party.


Migatos believes that all workers in its supply chain and throughout its overall operations deserve a fair and ethical workplace. We expect our Vendors to uphold the highest standards of human rights and to treat their workers with dignity and respect. In addition to the following, Vendors should also commit to only using raw materials sourced with these standards:

No Underage Labor. Employed workers must be at least 16 years of age or the legally required minimum age.
Voluntary Labor. Migatos does not tolerate human trafficking. All labor must be voluntary. Vendors must ensure labor is not forced, bonded, prison, or indentured.
Working Hours; Compensation. Working hours, wages, and benefits must comply with all applicable laws.
Freedom of Associations. Vendors must respect the right of its workers to freely choose whether to bargain collectively, or join associations or trade unions, as permitted by local law.
Health and Safety. Vendors must provide a safe workplace that meets applicable health and safety laws.

Vendors should foster a productive, professional environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, or other inappropriate conduct.


Vendors should minimize adverse effects on the community, environment, and natural resources while safeguarding the health and safety of the public. Vendors must meet all applicable environmental protection laws.


These Principles should be read in conjunction each Vendor’s obligations set forth in any agreements between Migatos and Vendor. In the event a conflict exists between these Principles and any such agreement, the agreement shall control.


If a Vendor identifies a potential ethics, integrity, or compliance concern involving or affecting Migatos, it must engage its primary point of contact at Migatos or contact Migatos’s Compliance Team via email at [email protected] as soon as possible. Vendors are expected to provide reasonable assistance in the investigation of any concern involving Migatos or a Vendor. Migatos forbids retaliation against any person reporting an ethics, integrity, or compliance concern in good faith. If you are ever uncertain about the correct course of action, please ask your primary point of contact at Migatos or Migatos’s Compliance Team.

You may also raise an ethics or integrity concern, or questions about these Principles, by:

Submitting a report to our OpenBark Hotline at,
Calling (833) 381-2275 from the United States of America or 400 120 0192 from China, or
By emailing [email protected]